Weed Grinders: How to Use – 5 Tips

Weed Grinders: How to Use – 5 Tips

In the market, have very much weed grinders to you choose. Also, have much different material include: aluminum, zinc, wood, plastic,… But the best grinders are made of aluminum or zinc and have four chambers.

When you use a weed grinders for the first time it can difficult. To get the best grinding experience it is important to use your herb grinder effectively and the right way. Today we have give five tips that will ensure that you get a great grind every time.

1. Pick a Great Weed Grinders

Our entire goal is to make sure you find a high-quality grinder that meets your needs without breaking your budget. When you take a look at the above of this article you will notice that we talk about reasons not to buy an acrylic or wooden herb grinder. These tend to be made cheaply. But they will wear out over time. If you are buying a grinder we highly recommend that you purchase either an aluminum grinder or a zinc grinder.  A high-quality aluminum grinder is the Gears Store Herb Grinder, and Chromium Crusher is a great choice if you prefer a zinc grinder.

Weed Grinders: How to Use - 5 Tips

2. Do Not Overfill the Top Chamber

When you first grind herbs in a weed grinder it may be tempting to load as much as possible into the top chamber. We urge you not to do this as the finished product will likely not be as fine as it would have been if you would have to grind up a smaller amount each time. While this may cause you to spend more time grinding it will be worth it when you go to use your herb.

3. Turn the Grinder Upside Down for a Finer Grind

This is a little tip we picked up along from some friends and in a Youtube video. When you grind the herb turn the weed grinder upside down. This has a tendency to grind the herb more finely than when you use the grinder upright. Just be sure to hold on to the top cap to keep it from falling off and having your herb fly everywhere.

4. Grind The Herb Thoroughly

While tip number four may seem simple there are some clues that will help you determine when your herb is grind up completely. When you begin grinding by twisting the top chamber of the grinder you may feel some mild resistance. The herb is being cut up by the grinder teeth. When the herb is thoroughly grinded, you will notice the twisting motion will become much easier. Similar to what it would feel like if you twisted the chamber with nothing in it.

5. Collect Kief

Kief is a super fine marijuana material that is built up through the metal screen filter in a four piece herb grinder. Kief has a significantly higher THC content than regular marijuana. By using the grinder multiple times kief will naturally build up in the bottom chamber of your grinder. One thing to do is to put a couple coins in the third chamber so that they lay on top of the metal screen. Another trick is to place the grinder in the freezer for thirty minutes. This way will the kief is easier to scrape together for use.

Finally, we hope this article useful for you. And good luck!

Weed Grinders: How to Use – 5 Tips
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