Top 5 The Best Cheap Herb Grinder

Top 5 The Best Cheap Herb Grinder

Top 5 The Best Cheap Herb Grinder

What do you want from your herb grinder? Is quality or are models or even is the price. In the market have many choices for herb grinder, you don’t know which one will fit your budget best. Although pricing is not a top priority for a choice, it’s worth considering. This post will suggest for you top 5 the best cheap herb grinder.

1, Generic 2.5” Acrylic Herb Grinder

If you spend all your budget on the good herb, you need a cheap grinder, this herb grinder for you. More interesting is that it has so many colors for you to choose from.
The herb grinder made from durable acrylic plastic, which you will use a long time. The herb grinder 2 piece is held securely together with a small magnet that makes it easy to rotate the grinder to crushed the herb.

Price $4.50.

2, New Style 4 Piece Herb Grinder

New Style is a cheap grinder and guarantees the basic features in the grinding of herbs. The grinder is made of aluminum includes a stainless steel pollen screen with an O-ring for a tight fit.
It also has a small magnet to keep the lid and grinding parts secure for the effective crushing your herbs.

Price  $5.50.


3, Gears Store Herb Grinder 4 Piece

If you are looking for a cheap crusher with excellent quality then you can not ignore it!

The grinder is made from aluminum for the maximal durability, absolutely no plastic or zinc. The grinder has a small magnet to hold firmly while you crush your herbs.

Moreover is 100-micron mesh screen: Made of stainless steel for separating fine pollen from the herbs.

Price $6.95.

4, Smart Crushed 4 Piece Herb Grinder

Smart Crushed is a grinder made of aluminum with high strength and perfect grinder.  Also, the sharp teeth are made to fit snugly against each other to ensure smooth grinds and grilles to remove pollen from the finished product.

What more do you need besides these great features?

Price $10.95.

5, Smart Crushed 5 Piece Herb Pollen Grinder


Smart Crushed 5 Piece made of stainless steel and uses nylon O-rings, which is an upgrade from cheap aluminum grinders.

Moreover, the machine has 2-layer mesh to filter and remove pollen to have the perfect product.

Price  $14.99.

Above is the basic introduction to the top 5 best cheap herb grinder in the market today.

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Top 5 The Best Cheap Herb Grinder
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