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Marijuana is a “medical issue” that needs further research

Marijuana is a “medical issue” that needs further research

The benefits of medical marijuana are undeniable. Many countries in the world have legalized marijuana for medical purposes. However, there are much different think about this issue. Three months ago, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell called cannabis addictive. And it unhealthy for players long term. However, his stance seems to be softening. On the heels of news that the NFL has offered to collaborate with the NFLPA to study the potential benefits of marijuana in managing pain for the league’s players, Goodell on [...]

Medical Cannabis Oil: How To Pick The Best

Medical Cannabis Oil: How To Pick The Best

Medical Cannabis Oil not uncommon for new medical cannabis patients to feel a little overwhelmed. Dispensaries, especially dual medical and recreational shops, have very much this product. With all of the new brands and cannabis inventions hitting the markets, it can be difficult to find the best products for you. And to help you save time, here’s a breakdown of how to pick the best medical cannabis oil. What is medical cannabis oil? Medical cannabis oil is the essential oil of [...]

Medical Cannabis: Plan of Israel to Increase Access

Israel Planning Overhaul of Medical Cannabis Distribution System to Increase Access. According to a Jerusalem Post report, Israel’s Health Ministry will introduce a new system of medical cannabis distribution in August. And Health Ministry will invest NIS 2 million into the system to speed up the process and reduce waiting times. The reforms will also see about 100 physicians able to provide patients access to medical cannabis without the approval from the ministry. Zandberg said in the report: “In recent months, [...]

Greece Legalizes Medical Marijuana

Greece Legalizes Medical Marijuana According to a Neos Kosmos report, Medical marijuana is now legal in Greece. The Ministers of Health and Justice decision legalize medical cannabis. The decision moves cannabis from its Table A classification, where it was listed along with heroin, to Table B, which includes cocaine, opium, and methadone. “From now on, the country is turning its page, as Greece is now included in countries where the delivery of medical cannabis to patients in need is legal,” said [...]

The health benefits of Cannabis

The Health Benefits of Cannabis

Today,  Gears Store will bring some knowledge about the health benefits of cannabis, sure, it will be a useful reading for you. Recently, more countries have legalized the use of cannabis. many experts have also changed their minds. And they agree with the view that, if used properly, cannabis has a positive impact on health. There are at least two active chemicals in marijuana that researchers think have medicinal applications. Those are cannabidiol (CBD) — which seems to impact the brain without a high. [...]