Poland Lower House Favor of Legalizing Medical Marijuana

Poland Lower House Favor of Legalizing Medical Marijuana

Poland Lower House Favor of Legalizing Medical Marijuana

Legalizing Medical Marijuana

According to a Yahoo News report, Lawmakers in Poland’s Lower House of Parliament have cast 440 votes in favor of legalizing the use of medical marijuana. Only two lawmakers voted against the move. Also, with one other House lawmaker abstaining from the vote.

Before it becomes fully enforceable, the law must pass through the Senate next – and then the President. But Poland is the latest member of the European Union to prove signs towards a comprehensive medical marijuana program.

The proposed legislation would allow doctors to prescribe medications to patients. The products mentioned will be made by pharmacies using imported raw materials. The bill will not allow patients to develop their own drugs. And they do nothing to legitimize recreational access to the plant.

Independent lawmaker Piotr Marzec-Liroy, a rapper-turned-politician has suggested this bill last year. He rose in popularity in 2015 on the back of the Kukiz’15 anti-establishment movement. In addition, polling data from January suggests that 78 percent of Polish citizens believe that access to cannabis should be legal.

Moreover, other countries in the EU who have made strides towards the implementation of cannabis medicine include Germany, where Canadian cannabis companies are already establishing business ties. And the United Kingdom; the Czech Republic; Finland; the Netherlands; Portugal; Spain; and Ireland.
Besides, last month, France’s new president Emmanuel Macron announced a plan to end prison sentences for cannabis consumers.

Of course, we can believe medical marijuana will become common all the world in the future. The great effects of medical marijuana will help patients have more opportunities for treatment. And you can also see the more benefit of marijuana for health at the following link: Benefits of cannabis.

Poland Lower House Favor of Legalizing Medical Marijuana
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