Marijuana Leaf: Things You Can Do It Part 2

Marijuana Leaf: Things You Can Do It

Marijuana Leaf: Things You Can Do It Part 2

You can read part 1 of this article at the link: Marijuana Leaf: Things You Can Do It.

What can you do with Marijuana Leaves?

If you don’t want to eat the leaf salads or juice it, you can dry out the leaf and use it for tea. Now, this won’t get you high. But it will definitely help with mild therapeutic side effects like lowering inflammation, helping with blood circulation and so forth.

To make tea from dry leaf, you can simply put it in water and boil. However, you won’t be able to get any THC without adding some coconut oil to the mix. THC binds to fat, meaning that if without coconut oil in the mix, you’ll be getting other cannabinoids, but no THC.

Finally, you can use dry marijuana leaves with many other applications. To do this you should mix coconut oil with the leaf. There are plenty of recipes available to help you get more benefits of cannabis.

Marijuana leaf can be used as a rolling paper. Well, this isn’t entirely accurate. However, many brands use them as a blunt wrap. Similar to cigars, you can use the marijuana leaves to pack its buds back and suck.

Finally, when talking about how you can apply cannabis leaves in your daily life, you can dry the leaves and place them in the shaker. You can sprinkle some dried leaves on your food. Does it get you higher? Not really, but it gives herbal aroma to food. Do not overdo it, because cannabis taste can be quite strong. However, to give your food a little green is a great way of using leaves.
Some people even use the leaf to wrap food they put in the oven. And if you want to see more applications of marijuana in the kitchen, you should check out “Bong Appetite” where they go into great detail about the process and application of cannabis within a culinary setting.

Anyhow, that’s basic things you can be doing with the marijuana leaf. Not simply throw it away and please use the benefits of cannabis for your health.

Finally, we hope this article is useful to you. Thank you very much!

Marijuana Leaf: Things You Can Do It Part 2
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