Marijuana Leaf: Things You Can Do It Part 1

Marijuana Leaf: Things You Can Do It

Marijuana Leaf: Things You Can Do It Part 1

Sure, you’ve seen at somewhere the image of cannabis leaf. The marijuana leaf is a symbol that all stoners know very well. However, have you ever think about what you can actually do with the leaf? Throughout the following article, we will learn more about leaf how to identify strains based on shape and other applications for it that you might not have known about before.

Shape of the Marijuana Leaf

Firstly, let’s take a look at the shape of the leaf to can identify the phenotypes of the strains you are smoking. As a rule of thumb, when a marijuana leaf is long and has skinnier leaves, the strain tends to lean to the Sativa variety. Shorter, stockier and fatter leaves will always be Indica.

When you are growing cannabis, you will find out about your plant based on leaf structure. And it will definitely help you when you want to know something.

Now, let’s look at the symbolic meaning of the leaf shape. The fingers of the marijuana leaf are easily spotted and have become a symbol for the industry. People instantly know what the cannabis leaf is, even if they don’t smoke. This making it a powerful sigil for many brands.

Some people are claiming that using the leaf within the branding is “cheating” or not creating enough distance from the “stoner stereotype” and the industry. Nowadays, the industry as a whole and is a symbol of freedom and progress. As more brand begin to create their unique take on the leaf symbol, we’ll see it grow to become even more important for the cannabis culture.

What can you do with Marijuana Leaves?

Most people think that the leaf is worthless. But they couldn’t see more from the truth. Leaves have many medical values if you know how to use them properly.

For starters, leaves, are great indicators relating to the health of your plant in general. Typically, these leaves are the first ones to show you that “something is wrong with your plant”. Meaning that if your plant is diseased, it will manifest on the leaf. And you can quickly learn and solve plant problems.

Marijuana leaf can also be used for dietary purposes. While most of the cannabinoids come from the bud themselves, the leaf also contains cannabinoids. Using it in juices or in salads can give a great boost to your health. Seeing that the cannabinoids like THC stay in its acid form. You would be able to consume the greater value of the leaf without getting high.

This article was still longer, you can see the next section at this link: Marijuana Leaf: Things You Can Do It.

Marijuana Leaf: Things You Can Do It Part 1
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