How To Make A Weed Grinder At Home

How To Make A Weed Grinder At Home

How To Make A Weed Grinder At Home

Can you grind weed without a grinder? Can you make your own weed grinder? You can! And we will introduce to you method make weed grinder. It sounds interesting, is not it?
All you need is a small plastic box or a small bottle with a lid and a coin.

Step 1

You put a coin inside your bottle. Then you put weed inside the bottle.

Step 2

You shake your bottle repeatedly and steadily until the weed in the bottle has been crushed.

Step 3

You effuse the weed out of the bottle and enjoy the results.

Although simple, making your own weed grinder still takes time and effort, and results are not enough to satisfy you.Or simply you are too busy to prepare the necessary equipment. We have the other suggest more usefully for you. You do not need to spend too much money, time and effort to be able to grind weed that results in great results.

Gears Store herb grinder 4 pieces is the great thing we want for you. With beautiful design, high quality, cheap price and excellent use. What more do you need in a weed grinder?
The grinder is made from aluminum for the maximal durability, absolutely no plastic or zinc. The grinder has a small magnet to hold firmly while you crush your herbs.

Moreover is 100-micron mesh screen: Made of stainless steel for separating fine pollen from the herbs.

At present, we are reducing the product price to $ 6.95. We would like to take this opportunity for you. Do not overlook this great opportunity to own yourself the best weed grinder on the market today that the price is very cheap.

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Thanks so much!

How To Make A Weed Grinder At Home
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