Legal Pot: How To Buy In Massachusetts

Legal Pot: How To Buy In Massachusetts

Legal Pot: How To Buy In Massachusetts

When Massachusetts voters said yes to legalizing recreational weed last year, excitement rippled up and down the East Coast. Finally, legal pot had arrived at the other end of the country. Massachusetts even bested its northern neighbor Maine, putting the law into effect almost immediately.
Now, as long as you’re 21 or older, you can smoke, vape, dab, and eat cannabis in Massachusetts, no matter where you’re from. But the question of how to buy legal pot in Massachusetts remains.

Massachusetts may have been the first Eastern state to legalize recreational weed. But hangups in the process are affecting the rollout of legal retail sales. This article explains everything about the new weed laws and how to buy legal weed in Massachusetts.

What You Should Know About Recreational Weed Laws In Massachusetts

If you’re in the state of Massachusetts, laws let you have up to one ounce of dried flower and five grams of concentrates or hash on your person.

In a private residence, the limits are relatively high. You can stash ten ounces and grow up to six plants without penalty. And of course, you can gift any and all of that, including seeds and clones, to anyone else 21 and over.

So hopefully, if you’re traveling to MA to enjoy the newly legal cannabis situation, you know someone who can gift you some herb. Because it’s still illegal to sell cannabis in Massachusetts.

And unfortunately, according to state lawmakers, regulations for legal retail sales aren’t likely to be in place before July 2018. It’s the usual story regarding licenses and regulations. But MA has been particularly slow at putting policies in place, to the ire of many pro-cannabis residents.
But there’s still a way that you can buy legal weed in Massachusetts. You’ll just need to have a state ID and a medical marijuana recommendation letter. But if you’re a visitor, buying legal recreational weed isn’t quite possible yet.

Legal Pot: How To Buy In Massachusetts

How To Buy Legal Pot In Massachusetts

Once recreational sales are permitted, licensed businesses will be able to buy and sell cannabis to anyone with an ID proving they’re 21 years of age.

These retail locations aren’t open to the public right now. And in order to buy legal pot in a dispensary, you need a Massachusetts ID and a recommendation from a doctor.

However, you just need some form of government ID to possess, consume, and share marijuana. And when retail shops open next year, those requirements won’t change.

Where Can You Enjoy Your Legal Pot?

You can consume cannabis in a private residence only. Massachusetts is fairly strict on this matter. There’s no allowance for social smoking, or smoking anywhere in public, especially near schools. National parks are also a no-toke zone since they’re federal land.

There are, of course, discreet ways to get high like vaping and eating edibles if you want to take your cannabis experience out on the town with you. Public possession and use fines can go as high as $500, though, so puff wisely. And of course, never smoke weed in your car or drive around high. Very illegal.

Final Hit: How To Buy Legal Pot In Massachusetts

So to sum up, here’s how to buy legal weed in Massachusetts:

Live in Massachusetts and have one of the qualifying conditions to get a medical marijuana card.
Wait until July 2018, when state lawmakers project legal recreational weed sales will (finally) begin.
We’re rooting for you, Massachusetts.

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Legal Pot: How To Buy In Massachusetts
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