Legal Marijuana: How To Buy & Enjoy In Alaska

Legal Marijuana: How To Buy & Enjoy In Alaska

Legal Marijuana: How To Buy & Enjoy In Alaska

Alaska has had legal recreational cannabis since 2014. Now that all the regulations are in place, and storefronts have finally opened their doors to the public, figuring out how to buy legal marijuana in Alaska is easy. Alaska has always had some of the most liberal pot laws in the country. So if you’re a pot tourist looking for a new destination, Alaska is a great bet. This simple, comprehensive guide explains the fastest and easiest way to enjoy recreational cannabis.

What To Know About Recreational Weed Laws In Alaska

Alaska’s weed laws have some quirks that you’ll want to know about. In many respects, they’re basically the same as many of the other states where the adult use of cannabis is legal. Alaska even simplifies things since it has the same rules for residents and visitors alike.

But one major difference between Alaska and states like Colorado and Oregon has to do with the type of cannabis product you want to buy. In Alaska, only flower and edible oils are legal. Hash and THC concentrates are illegal. Having even less than an eighth ounce could get you a $10,000 fine and jail time. More, and it’s a felony!

However, according to Alaska’s Division of Public Health, adults 21 years and over can personally possess up to one ounce of dried cannabis. Furthermore, stores are allowed to sell you that much at one time. So even if you’re a visitor, you can purchase and possess up to 28 grams of flower. You can also gift up to an ounce to anyone else over 21, as long as no money or another kind of payment changes hands.

How To Buy Legal Marijuana In Alaska Once You Arrive

Buying legal marijuana in Alaska as a tourist couldn’t be easier. Just make sure you have your ID with you, and head to any recreational cannabis store you want.

Spend a little time exploring cannabis in Alaska, and you’re bound to hear about the Alaska Cannabis Club. This is a private, membership-only organization that serves the medical cannabis community.

Interestingly, the Alaska Cannabis Club offers members a secure downtown Anchorage location for public cannabis use. Club members can consume cannabis inside the Clubhouse. The bad news for visitors is that you’ll need an Alaska medical marijuana card to join.

So for visitors, the only option is to visit a state-licensed retail cannabis store and consume your cannabis in private.

Where You Can Enjoy Your Legal Marijuana

Congratulations, you now know how to buy legal weed in Alaska! All that cannabis is yours to enjoy. But one thing you can’t do is enjoy it anywhere in public. You also can’t consume cannabis in public parks, as these are federal lands and therefore subject to the federal prohibition on cannabis. Legally, you can only consume cannabis, smoking or otherwise, in a private residence.

So remember, you need a private place to toke up. Your car won’t work because you could get slapped with a DUI. Also keep away from schools, restaurants, and other public places. Municipalities are permitted to set their own, stricter rules about consuming weed. So make sure to check the laws where you’re staying.

Final Hit: How To Buy Legal Marijuana In Alaska

To summarize, here’s how to buy legal weed in Alaska:

1. Paperwork. A government-issued photo ID from anywhere verifying you are 21 years of age or older.
2. Do some research ahead of time to find the retail locations that suit your vibe and your needs, and that actually have products in stock!
3. Check out the specific cannabis laws in the city you’ll be buying and consuming cannabis in.
4. Bring cash, show your ID at the weed store, and buy! Remember, you can only get edibles and flower in Alaska. No hash or concentrates.
5. Enjoy your legal cannabis in a private place.

Finally, we hope this article useful for you. And good luck! And you can also see the more article interesting about marijuana at the following website:

Legal Marijuana: How To Buy & Enjoy In Alaska
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