How To Use 4 Pieces Herb Grinder

How to use 4 pieces herb grinder

How To Use 4 Pieces Herb Grinder

Today, Gears Store would like to introduce you how to use 4 pieces herb grinder properly. We hope this short article will help you.
With 4 pieces herb grinder, you can see four specially designed pieces made for different uses. It features three 2.5-inch chambers. The first one is equipped with the very sharp metal tooth for breaking down the herbs, spices, tobaccos and even weeds thoroughly and simply. The fine pollen is then collected and stored in the third chamber after being filtered by the stainless steel 500-micron screen located in the second chamber. This mechanism works correctly every time and in a long time because our 4-piece grinder is made of high-grade aluminum. The strong magnet keeps it securely in place while grinding. Cleanup is also easy and quick thanks to the complimentary pollen scraper included as purchasing
And now it’s time grind up your cannabis!

Step 1

Remove the lid from the grinder. After removing the lid, break small pieces of your cannabis so that you can distribute into the grinder. Next, close the lid and use your hand to rotate. Rotate 5 to 10 times to ensure that the cannabis has been dropped through the holes in the grinding teeth.

Step 2

Now when it is crushed, cannabis stays on the grilles. Use the broom in the herb grinder to collection kief from your cannabis. Those tiny particles will be fall under the tray.

Step 3

How to clean 4 pieces herb grinder?
After finishing the cannabis grind, you can disassemble each piece of the herb grinder to clean it with mulch. You can use a small spatula to remove the remaining plaque in the herb grinder, then let it cook into the mulch for about 10 minutes. Finally, you rinse with clean water and wipe dry. So is done!

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How To Use 4 Pieces Herb Grinder
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