How To Get So Much Kief From Cannabis Grinder

How To Get So Much Kief From Cannabis Grinder

How To Get So Much Kief From Cannabis Grinder

You may know cannabis. You may also know something called “kief” but do you know what this really is? And do you know how to collect kief? This post will help you all you need about kief!

“Kief” is derived from Arabic, it meaning “pleasure, intoxication”. Kief is a smooth powder found on top of the marijuana leaf capsule. It contains high levels of neurotransmitters or THC that create long-lasting feelings of elation. One thing is for sure, kief has higher THC than cannabis. Kief is also called crystals or pollen.
So how to get the most kief? Before we disclose to you, be sure to have a 4-piece cannabis grinder. Because it will be a lot easier.
You can collect kief in many ways such as rubbing leaves over stainless steel mesh screens or crush your cannabis. But doing so kief will stick on your finger and you will lose a lot of kief.
The best way to get so much kief is to use a grinder 4 pieces. It’s really fast and easy.

Step 1

You need to prepare a small coin that fits into the grinder. You should put the coin in the compartment containing the grilles. After your cannabis is crushed by the teeth in the upper chamber, it will fall into the grilles.

Step 2

Put your blender in the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes. This will cause the trichome to cold and become crunchy. At the same time, they will separate from the grinder, making it easier for you to get kief.

Step 3

After getting out of the fridge, you shake sharply and continuously the blender in about 3-5 minutes. This shake helps kief fall out of the trichome as much as possible.

Step 4

Enjoy your results!
You open the bottom compartment of cannabis grinder and use a small spatula to focus kief. So, you have the maximum kief available in cannabis without any worry or frustration as they cling to the grinder.

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The grinder is made from aluminum for the maximal durability, absolutely no plastic or zinc. The grinder has a small magnet to hold firmly while you crush your herbs.

Moreover is 100-micron mesh screen: Made of stainless steel for separating fine pollen from the herbs.

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How To Get So Much Kief From Cannabis Grinder
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