Dab Weed: Everything You Wanted to Know

Dab Weed: Everything You Wanted to Know

Dab Weed: Everything You Wanted to Know

As you probably know, dabbing is a popular way of consuming cannabis. And unlike what some are saying, we don’t think it’s a fad that’s going away anytime soon. If you want to know more about this growing trend, read on for a breakdown of dab weed.

What is Dab Weed?

Dabbing is a method of consuming marijuana. When you dab, you are heating a highly concentrated form of cannabis and inhaling the vaporized oil which gives you an intense high.

How to Get Cannabis Concentrate

The cannabis concentrate used for dabbing has many names. Although the popular names are wax, budder, shatter or depending on the extraction method, Butane Hash Oil (BHO). The concentrate can be extracted from the cannabis plant in two ways. The most common way of extraction is through blasting butane through the plant, hence the BHO. Butane is pushed through the cannabis plant material, leaching out the essential oils. Those are collected and the butane evaporates.


Dabbing allows the user to experience an almost instant high that is much more powerful and lasts longer than regular highs. Because the dabbing concentrate is extremely potent and can have up to 70-90% THC per dab. Also, it can induce a high using a smaller amount of the substance.


So how does one dab? Below we will break up the tools required along with the necessary steps to get your dab weed on.

Required Tools

Dab Weed: Everything You Wanted to Know

A dab rig (also known as an oil rig).

Pro tip: Use a separate rig for dabs only—never the cannabis plant, as the resin will negatively alter the quality of your dab.

Cannabis concentrate or wax such as BHO.

A nail.

This is a titanium or quartz surface which you heat before you place the wax on. There are two types—regular and dome-less. The dome covers the (regular) nail once it is heated and captures the vapor. There are also dome-less nails, which capture the vapor less efficiently without the second piece. If you use a domeless nail you have the option of using a carb-cap which allows you to capture more of the vapor with less heat.


Used to dab the wax onto the heated nail and often made of titanium.

Something to heat the nail with, most commonly a mini blow torch.


1, Set up your rig.

2, “Season” the nail (especially if it’s a new nail). This is often done by intensely heating the nail (without wax) until it is extremely hot and glowing red. Dip in water, let cool, then repeat the process five or six times.

3, Grab a bit of wax with your dabber — this is your dab. Remember that dabbing produces a much more concentrated high, and if you are new to dabbing you should start with less.

4, Heat up the nail with your blow torch until it is just turning red, leave it for about 10-15 seconds as you get your dabber prepared.

5, Start inhaling while simultaneously using your dabber to slide the wax on the heated nail. At this point, you will begin inhaling the vapor from the wax.

6, When the wax is completely melted and no more vapor is coming up then you can exhale.

Yay. Finally, you have completed a successful dab weed!

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Dab Weed: Everything You Wanted to Know
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