Comparison: Gears Store Herb Grinder vs Masterdam Grinders

Comparison: Gears Store Herb Grinder vs Masterdam Grinders

Comparison: Gears Store Herb Grinder vs Masterdam Grinders

Today we will bring to you a comparison between the two herb grinder are highly rated on the market today. It’s Gears Store herb grinder vs Masterdam Grinders.

We will compare on the criteria that are: price, design, quality. Let’s start now!

1, Price

Gears Store Herb Grinder have price $10.95.

Masterdam Grinders have price $21.95.

So, the price of Gears Store herb grinder is cheaper than the price of the Platinum grinder.

2, Design

Comparison: Gears Store Herb Grinder vs Platinum Grinders

Comparison: Gears Store Herb Grinder vs Masterdam Grinders







Both herb grinders have cylindrical round design, black, logo print embossed on the lid and 4 pieces.

Gears Store herb grinder made by high-grade aluminum: No plastic or zinc can be found. Only aluminum for the maximal durability. The CNC machining makes every piece fit perfectly while screwing. Moreover, the rubber at the rim makes the thing run more smoothly.

Masterdam Grinders made by from aluminum for extra toughness, durability & quality. Moreover, thin Poly O-Ring for smooth grinding and less friction.

3, Quality Herb Grinder

Gears Store herb grinder: The product offers the highest degree of durability without little shaving. Acrylic grinders made from zinc or plastic are least likely to provide the same level of strength. The weed grinder has a super sharp set of the tooth with smallest possible internal distance allowing fastest and easiest grinding of dense herbs & spices with just a few back-and-forth turns of hand.

A magnet significantly improves the overall convenience as it holds the lid and top chamber together for quick fitting while allowing free motion of the grinding parts. The force generated in this manner is strong enough to keep parts together. Scrapper allows the easiest cleanup of the chamber adding extra value to the Gear Store grinder. Last but not the least, 100-Micron grade mesh screen made from stainless steel lets the machine separate fine pollen particles from the herbs making the end product highly smooth. Moreover, scratch resistant Black Anodized Finish looks prevents flaking, pealing or smudge marks.

Masterdam Grinders feature Razor Sharp Curved Teeth that Shred & Fluff your Herb with Ease
Masterdam made by Aluminum ensures long-lasting durability; Non-Stick Nylon Ring ensures smooth grinding and prevents metal-on-metal contact and residue build-up.

Moreove Masterdam has Micron Screen sifts pollen to get the pollen.
Masterdam also has Powerful Neodymium magnets in the lid enable quick loading and secures herbs when grinding.

As you can see, on the design and product quality, two types of herb grinder are not much difference. But in terms of price, Gears Store product are more competitive than Masterdam product. So smart consumers, you will choose which product?

Finally, if you want to buy any kind of herb grinder, you can visit the link below and search for them: Amazon

Thanks so much!

Comparison: Gears Store Herb Grinder vs Masterdam Grinders
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