Cannabis oil: Happy National Dab Day

Cannabis oil: Happy National Dab Day

Cannabis oil: Happy National Dab Day

Cannabis oil! Yes, fellow stoners. In addition to Independence Day and other summertime celebrations of life, liberty and tilling the earth, July 10th is now marked as a stoner Jubilee, a hash holiday and a Day of Dabs. Why this date? Because 1) cannabis oil is an Idea Whose Time Has Come and 2) in true stoner whimsy, the date was selected because 7-10 spelled backward and upside-down spells “oil” (sorta).

What is marijuana oil? To begin, can extract from marijuana and its products more than one type of oil.. Here’s a rundown:

1, Hemp oil

Though very low in THC content, hemp oil enthusiasts claim the stuff conditions rough skin, boosts immunity, even helps prevent varicose veins. Hemp oil took directly from raw hemp seeds. Hemp oil is used in dozens of ways, including cooking. But has no psychoactive properties.

2, CBD

CBD oil made from the stalks of marijuana plants often used for pain relief.

3, BHO

Popularly known as “dab,” “wax” or “shatter,” Butane Hash Oil (BHO) is yet another type, this one the sticky and head-busting end product of a somewhat dangerous extraction method in which heat and highly combustible butane are involved.

4, RSO

“Phoenix Tears” (also called Rick Simpson Oil or RSO) produce via a long, often alcohol-based process. Its inventor claims he cured his own cancer with it.

5, Cooking oil

In edibles, psychoactive effects are usually obtained via cannabis cooking oil, which may be made at home using flower and much patience.

Cooking with MJ oil presents its challenges. Indeed, even weed lube can cause problems if you drink an entire bottle of the stuff. So the public confusion over oil extracted from marijuana is understandable if a bit mystifying to veteran marijuana users content to get high from smoking.

So, “Dab Day” is more properly a celebration of the more psychoactive hash oils. Such as BHO and its safer-to-make, easier-to-take cousin CO2 oil, the kind found in vape cartridges. Whether ingested slowly via bong or pipe or (for most profound results) all at once when superheated by blowtorch in a specially prepared rig. BHO is extremely potent and typically makes the lungs of even hardcore hash veterans explode in fits of loud coughing. Visitors to those speakeasy-type “dab bars” now popping up in cities greeted at the door. With frenzies of hacking and wheezing out of dabbers with one foot on the rail and visibly tottering.

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Cannabis oil: Happy National Dab Day
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