Cannabis Business: 11 Tips For Successfully Promoting Part 1

Cannabis Business: 11 Tips For Successfully Promoting

Cannabis Business: 11 Tips For Successfully Promoting Part 1

This article will provide you 11 Tips For Successfully Promoting Your Cannabis Business

If you are in a cannabis business, your profit is only going to escalate due to ever-increasing demand. Selling cannabis or marijuana is a legal trade and you can earn huge amount of profit shortly. Moreover, the cannabis industry is growing at a fast pace. According to ArcView Market Research, the North American marijuana legal sales grew in 2016 by a whopping 30% to $6.7 billion due to consistent expansion of the market in the U.S and Canada. The North American sales are projected to reach to $20.2 billion by 2021.

But you must also pay heed to the ways of promoting your cannabis business. With clever marijuana marketing strategies in place, your chances of surviving the competition in the market go higher. Also, you can be ahead of your competitors and make a huge profit from the trade.

1. Research Your Market And Consumers

You must precisely know about your niche market and customers. Find out which section of the population is your target customer. There may be some industries which use marijuana as a medicine or for other uses. Research the demand and supply aspects of the business. Also, you must accurately know about educational and social backgrounds of the buyers of your cannabis products. So that you can target them in a strategic manner in your marketing campaigns.

2. Promote Your Cannabis Business In Cannabis Magazines

Your advertisement in the magazines dealing with cannabis industry will take your ad to specific consumers of your products. But keep in mind that many competitors also run ads in the same issue of the magazine. So, your advertisement design must be unique so that it stands out from the crowd.

One of the benefits of advertising in the industry-specific magazines is that the pass-through rate for a subscriber copy is lower for waiting rooms. This means that many more people who stay in a waiting room for a couple of months will see your ad as compared to only a week or so for newspapers.

3. Advertise In Non-Mainstream Publications

Mainstream publications are under some restrictions from their partners and have a strict advertisement policy. They may not accept your cannabis advertisement. But you have non-mainstream publications also to explore. These publications normally do not put the same strict restrictions on their advertising partners. They can publish your ads. Find out the readership per issue of the publication is satisfactory so that your ad reaches to more people at the same cost.

4. Explore Radio For Your Business Promotion

Radio is a compelling and captivating medium for introducing your cannabis business to a new audience. However, the success of your radio campaign will depend on many factors. Your production cost also may increase. You can even look for podcasts and internet radio that have a flexible structure. Think of promoting your business using these mediums.

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Cannabis Business: 11 Tips For Successfully Promoting Part 1
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