Best Herb Grinders You Can Find Out in 2017

Best Herb Grinders You Can Find Out in 2017

Best Herb Grinders You Can Find Out in 2017

Are you looking for the best herb grinders? But you do not really understand what you need to know about a grinder. This article will help you to know about the best herb grinders.

There are two types of people who use herb grinder more often than others: smokers and people who like to cook. In the first case, the herbal blender is used to crush tobacco. Many smokers love to make their own cigarettes, combining cigarettes to find perfect and unique flavors. The other group is cooks: amateurs or professionals. They both use herb grinders for herbs and spices for cooking.

What Are Herb Grinders?

Herb grinders are cylindrical devices with many types include: 2 pieces, 3 pieces, 4 pieces. And they are typically made of wood, plastic or metal, and they come in different colors and designs. Top-quality grinders are made of stainless steel, titanium or anodized aluminum.

Many manufacturers use magnets to provide secure and simple lid closure system. In addition, a magnet that fastens the lid to the lower chamber and keeping it closed is very convenient when you need to transfer herbs, spices or tobacco in your pocket, backpack or handbag after shredding them.

Also, for patients who suffer from arthritis, multiple sclerosis, gout or any other similar condition there are herb grinders with textured grips and ergonomic designs. Most commonly, herb grinders use for crush tobacco, weed, herbs or spices.

What to Look For In a Herb Grinder?


Some herb grinders have more than one compartment. They can have two or three compartments providing fine separation of bottom compartments with the compartments above.

Two-piece herb grinders have one compartment, also called one-compartment herb grinders. They are very easy for usage: just put the herb in it, shut it and turn it back and forth. However, the problem with this model is that sometimes (especially after using it for some time) it can be hard to remove all shredded pieces. Because only one compartment is used for both collecting and shredding tobacco/spices/herbs/weed/cannabis/marijuana.

Three-piece herb grinders have two compartments. These models have one additional compartment which is not used for shredding. The additional compartment is usually placed just below the grinding area. The purpose of this compartment is to collect the fine components that fall through during the grinding process. This way the shredded material is evenly spread.

Finally, four-piece herb grinders have three compartments, also called three-compartment herb grinders. The third compartment is set apart from the rest, and it collects the kief (the crystals that contain THC).


There are four types of herb grinder

1. Metal Grinders

Metal herb grinders are among the top quality grinders. Because they are almost indestructible and they last for extended periods. If you are planning to buy the metal herb grinder, think about buying the model with a coating on pegs. The coating provides extra hardness to the metal and sharpness of the pegs. This way the pegs will stay sharp much longer than regular pegs. The problem with metal grinders are:

They are more expensive than other herb grinders’ models.
They are pretty heavy and bulky.

2. Plastic Herb Grinders

Plastic grinders are very cheap but also quality grinders. They are resistant and transparent (you can see through them into the grinding chamber). Also, plastic grinders are very light and easy for carrying in your pocket or purse.

However, if the low-quality plastic is used, the grinder can crack easily, so you will need to buy a new one. Also, static electricity causes persistent accumulation of extraneous remains from shredding. This means that if you have a plastic grinder, you need to clean it often (sometimes slapping of the both sides of the grinds together can help).

3. Wooden Herb Grinders

Wooden Herb Grinders have a very antique look. They are very light and practical for use. Also, wooden herb grinders feel comfortable in hand. There are two problems with wooden grinders:

After longer usage, the wooden pegs break.
Cleaning: Residual matter accumulates very quickly, so it needs to be cleaned all the time.

4. Electric Herb Grinders

Mostly used in the kitchen, they do the shredding of herbs and spices for you. Electric grinders use four AA batteries and have two speeds so you can choose between several levels of grind to get finer or more robust outcome.

We hope this article useful for you to choose the best herb grinders. And have a suggestion for you, you can buy the best herb grinders on Amazon – a market reliable.
Good luck!


Best Herb Grinders You Can Find Out in 2017
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